Maui Hawaii’s Mt. Haleakala Skyline Downhill Mountain Bike Trail

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Mt. Haleakala’s Skyline Trail is one of Maui’s lesser known trails

but it probably ranks as one of the world’s better downhill rides.

The renown Kamikaze Downhill descends 2200′, Big Bear (Snow Summit) about 1400′,

and Winter Park Colorado, about 2200′ contrasts to the 10000′ descent of

Mt. Haleakala. From the summit , down Skyline to Mamane equals a drop of 3000′

over a span of under 7 miles, Mamane to Waipoli Road drops another 1000′

in just less than 2 miles. There’s a little pedaling on the dirt portion

of Waipoli (2 miles) until Waipoli plunges 3000′ in 6 miles (10% grade,steep!)

via Maui Hawaii’s Mt. Haleakala Skyline Downhill with Tommy Goggia.